Platform for Regulatory Compliance & Ethical Marketing

Our enterprise and regulatory compliance portals facilitate and enable sensitive KYC data processing with encryption, consent, and transparency from individual to enterprise to regulator. The enterprise onboarding portal enables KYC-GDRP compliant marketing and advertising.

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Easy AML/KYC Compliance

Registered institutions, enterprises, and regulators easily process audit-ready KYC data, compliance requirements, and metrics.

  • Compliance Portal for AML/KYC reporting and audits
  • Enterprise Portal for KYC compliant on-boarding of new clients/customers
  • Regulatory Portal for regulators to request KYC compliance requirements and process audits

Consent-based Targeted Advertising

FISE's consent-based KYC compliant authentication process of individuals enables ethical incentivized advertising and trusted data for lead generation.

Trustworthy, compliant & data-safe reputation for Enterprises

FISE's encrypted KYC complaint onboarding enables Enterprises to securely and compliantly process new leads and customers.

Inclusive Web3 Governance for Regulators, Enterprises, Individuals

FISE invites regulators to participate in constitutionally sound, cybersecure AML/KYC processes. A democratized internet with a balance of powers is born.

Platform for a profitable, sustainable, governance-based, constitutionally sound data economy

FISE Portal empowers individuals, enterprises, and regulators to participate on FISE's data platform.

All members and users are incentivized to participate in consent-based compliant processes and reputation building for next generation marketplaces including the metaverse, decentralized finance, and transitioning legacy enterprises.

sound data economy
  • FISE Portal builds integrity, authenticity, compliance, privacy, reputation, and incentivization for all members and users.
  • Self-sovereign identity management empowers users to build and protect their reputations by connecting their FISE identity to reputations and identities outside of FISE.
  • Multiple digital identities are reconciled, validated, and secured into one convenient portal per user and are revealed on an a la carte, consent-driven basis.
  • Identity authenticity is strengthened, reducing risks of identity theft and fraudulently generated data.

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