Own Your Digital Identity & Data

Your Identity, Your Data. Your Keys. Encrypted. Permissioned. User-owned Network.

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encrypted data anonymized identity proof

Easy to start

In just a few minutes you can be set up with encrypted file storage and obtain a safe and verifiable anonymized identity.

  • For individuals wanting to protected personal data and anonymity
  • For organizations needing reputation and customer identity proof

Compliance based digital transaction network

KYC, AML, GDPR compliant

Decentralized autonomous organization

User owned network. Governance decided via authenticated user votes.

Privatized data. Incentivized use.

User owned data. Permissioned and incentivized for network participation.

Fully Trusted and Compliant Ecosystem

Authenticated users.
Permissioned data.
Trusted Network.

authenticated trusted compliance
Build and own your digital identity.

Generate keys to protect your assets.

Encrypt and sign documents.

Share data on the trusted FISE Network.

Get paid for sharing your data.

Join the trillion $ data economy.

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