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Own Your Ideas, Secure Your Future

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Key Benefits

  • Privacy Protection. Stay anonymous and secure always.
  • Monetize Ideas. Profit from your intellectual property.
  • Encrypted Data. Secure your information with encryption.
  • Total Control. Manage and own your data completely.
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Private GPT

Utilize your personal GPT model.

Encrypted Communication

Secure your interactions with encryption.

Permission Control

Decide who accesses your content.

Creative Freedom

Express without constraints or surveillance.

Fully Trusted and Compliant Ecosystem

Authenticated users.
Permissioned data.
Trusted Network.

authenticated trusted compliance
Build and own your digital identity.

Generate keys to protect your assets.

Encrypt and sign documents.

Share data on the trusted FISE Network.

Get paid for sharing your data.

Join the trillion $ data economy.

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FISE Technology Founders

M.E. 'Nara' Lau
CEO & Founder
Nara’s identity and risk management expertise was developed from 2009 to 2012, as a KYC compliance analyst at LPL Financial, State Street, and TD Bank. New revelations surfaced about the lack of user control over digital identity and personal information security.
During compliance consulting gigs for Web3 startups from 2013 to 2018, Nara began developing solutions to solve the lack of user control over identity and data. Rising compliance costs burdened companies, and complaints about poor onboarding experiences revealed a trillion dollar problem.
In 2017, Nara founded FISE Portal, a platform for users to own and control their digital identity, data, network, and get paid for anonymized data sharing.

Kevin Hartig
CTO & Co-Founder
Kevin has championed the distributed, censorship resistant internet over the centralized, corporate-owned internet for the past two decades.
Through his research and development in distributed computing at companies like VISA, Sun Microsystems, OnStar, and Digital Reasoning, Kevin gained valuable insights.
His technical analysis and results have cultivated a unique approach to engineering FISE Portal as the pre-eminent space where users own, store, and encrypt their keys, credentials, and data, as well as earn money for anonymized data sharing.

About Us

Combined 30 Years Experience

  • ✓  Identity risk Management
  • ✓  Decentralized Computing
  • ✓  International Identity Compliance Standards
  • ✓  Digital Rights
  • ✓  Encryption
  • ✓  Data Security
  • ✓  Compliance and engineering for Startups
  • ✓  Fortune 500 public companies in finance, IT infrastructure, and government administration

Our Background

Santa Clara County
Sun Microsystems
State Street
LPL Financial
TD Bank
Digital Reasoning

Contact details

Talk to us about collaboration, development, and sponsorship at this email address.

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