Platform For Decentralized Data & Identity Management

Our permissioned network preserves privacy and consent, empowers compliance and ethical marketing processes, while preserving individual data rights.

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Easy to start

In just a few minutes you can be set up with encrypted file storage and obtain a safe and verifiable anonymized identity.

  • For individuals wanting to protected personal data and anonymity
  • For organizations needing reputation and customer identity proof

Compliance based digital transaction network

FISE aims to be compliant with KYC and GDPR regulations. All entities, individuals and institutions, with validated reputation, risk, and compliance scores.

Decentralized autonomous organization

Control is divided among a variety of computers, networks, blockchains and nodes. Private digital transactions are maintained within the ecosystem itself.

Privatized data. Incentivized use.

Entities own their encrypted data and define how and who will use it. Entities earn crypto currency as compensation when sharing anonymized personal data.

Fully Trusted and Compliant Ecosystem

FISE Portal is a platform for the future of data and compliance.

Our permissioned network preserves privacy and consent, empowers ethical AML, KYC and GDPR processes, and promotes individual liberty.

about trust compliance

FISE Portal authenticates and validates your digital identity and actions in real time. Build, maintain, encrypt, and protect your digital identity and trust scores with FISE.


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